Ananias Project

Accompanying the Leaders

The Ananias Team... is comprised of experienced, qualified individuals who work with the Priest Administrator and his leadership team. The focus of each engagement will be to (1) develop collaborative leadership among and with the clergy team, (2) form a spiritually motivated and pastorally effective culture, and (3) define pastoral strategy for cultivating a community of word, worship and service that realizes a vibrant parish grouping — the Church Alive! The Ananias Team are disciples of Christ who bring expertise in the fields of organizational development, leadership, coaching, consulting and training as well as proven resources and tools. Each engagement will be tailored to the Priest Administrator and his leadership team to enable that grouping to succeed.

Our Approach

There are multiple programs and trainings that you have experienced over time. How much have you been able to actually implement or embed? Our team has years of experience actually working with those who are tyring to facilitate a transition (person, team, organization), and make positive change happen. We roll up our sleeves and walk with, or accompany, the persons who are experiencing significant change. We look at this as a project: there is a start, an end, and achievement of goals. We believe in “Spirited Results” where the groups with whom we work are, as a result, much clearer, engaged, better resourced and equipped to lead the future.

Transformed by Missionary Impulse

A qualified, trained coach and consultant formed in the Catholic Faith. with years of experience working with Pastors, Staff, Councils and Lay Communities. Role is to inform, advise, coach and train where needed to accelerate and sustain the desired changes.

Personal Change :  Being affected by the change, while called to lead change

Leading Change:  Effective communication, ordering the gifts of people, ways of working effectively

Forming Strong Teams:  Clergy group, staff, council, lay leadership, parish communities

Creating Community:  Shared vision, mission and strategic goals